Keith Hornblower watercolour illustration Chelsea Hospital

ARCHITECTURE IN WATERCOLOUR by architectural illustrator and artist Keith Hornblower

Based in the United Kingdom and establised 20 years, providing architectural illustrations and art for architects, property developers and agents, as well as house portrait commissions for the public.

Architectural artwork to suit most budgets; fast turnaround, complete professional service.

Architectural illustrations in watercolour or pen and wash; fast conceptual sketches a speciality providing a viable - and cheap - alternative to a fully rendered illustration or cgi image.

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Keith Hornblower watercolour illustration of Shrewsbury School boat house

WHAT THE CLIENTS SAY. Reading these comments, it looks as though I've written them myself. I promise you I did't, and that they are unsolicited!

Wonderful work! Many thanks again - I am sure the client will respond positively to these.

Just so you know, the full colour building and landscape approach gave the presentation a real lift, and we got the client excited and back on our side again. Thank you for making that time for us, Keith. Hope we can build on these techniques for further efforts...


Thanks very much. Hope we can ask you for some watercolours some time... I'm sure they helped a lot. All of our drawings are now done on computer and frankly, they are too literal, unambiguous and dead. But nobody can hold a pencil any more!

Hello Keith, thank you for the email, the picture is just what I was hoping for... very good indeed, many thanks. I am sure it will be a great present for his 50th.

Thank you Keith. You have exceeded expectations. Sorry to have made you work on your weekend. Will try to co-ordinate better next time around.

Great Keith!

WOW - The renderings for ****** look fantastic! Great work!

Just wanted to say thank you regarding the watercolour renderings you produced for our recent presentation in Mauritius. The client was absolutely delighted with the images. Thanks again for all your efforts and we look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.

Wonderful. Just what's needed!

Our client was very happy with your perspective. He thought the image looked great, and because it is in the watercolour format it gives a soft visual which will help with the negotiations/discussions etc.

Thanks for your help which was fantastic, unlike ****** Associates who were appalling. We know where to go next time!

Presentation went very well and your work was highly valued by everyone.

Great work, and thanks very much. I will be showing these to another client to drum up work for you here (Abu Dhabi).

Many thanks for producing such a lovely a/w for us. It's been a pleasure to work with you. Shame the same thing can't be said of the French! (It's a long story...)

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